Captainess Mary Shandy

Specially commissioned pilot of The Lark


Mary is the daughter of ex-Cambridge Classical Society member Catherine Shandy nee Parvis, and professional madman Captain Blackfield Shandy. She inherited her father’s prodigious skill with vehicles and his exuberant outbursts, perhaps fortunately however, her mother was a considerable tempering force. That didn’t stop her, however, from losing an arm at the age of 16, when she tried to pilot the Old Sea Dog across the channel, and ran aground near Calais. Fortunately for her, family friend Angeline Jones was able to manufacture a synthetic arm for her as a replacement.

The accident did little to dissuade her, and the advanced prosthetic has meant she’s as competent behind the wheel as ever, and she’s taken actual lessons since. They were all from the Captain, though.
When the time came to initiate Operation: Lark, her father was asked to pilot, but he refused, and recommended his daughter in his place. In order to officially pilot the airship, she has been specially commissioned and given the rank Captainess. She’s ecstatic about the appointment as pilot of The Lark, largely for the chance to go flying like in the stories her father used to tell, but also just for the sheer pride in helping people and saving lives in the middle of a war. Her training completed, and with a hand-picked crew behind her, she’s ready to take on the world.

Captainess Mary Shandy

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