Harriet Hale

Ex Tomb Raider, forced to join high society after father's death.



Obsession: Uncovering Mysteries
Rage Stimulus: Threatening harm to her son
Fear Stimulus: Injury coming to her son
Noble Stimulus: Preserving Knowledge

Body: 60 (Fit and athletic)
Fight Dirty (struggle) 40
General Athletics: 50

Speed: 70 (Graceful and Quick)
Initiative 70
Dodge 30
Shoot: 70

Mind: 70 (Like a steel trap)
Conceal 15
Ancient history (General education) 50
Notice 70

Soul: 40 (Detached)
Charm 15
Lying 15
It’s in the blood: 40


Event: Being told she was a member of nobility
Person: Edwin Hale, her son
Item: Clauricus, a weapon passed down to her from her Father


Harriet Hale is a woman of self sufficiency and few words. Ferociously intelligent and she knows it, Harriet is happiest when alone, digging into a mystery of an ancient tomb full of secrets. Her time alone has left her perhaps a little socially stunted, and her direct attitude and disdain for nonsense put her at odds with the polite society she is increasingly dragged into. The only time her chilly demeanour breaks is when dealing with her son Edwin, whom she dotes on whenever she can.


Harriet Hale

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