Nathanial Blake


NAME: Nathanial Blake
PATRON: Sir Kay/Cai

Nathanial stands at a few inches over six feet. A professional soldier, he was never a handsome man, and two scars, one from right eye to lip and the other across his left cheek, have given him a cruel look, though his striking appearance cannot truly be called foul. Broad shouldered and long limbed, Nathanial looks less like the new face of modern warfare, the gunslinger, and more a knights stripped of his heavy armour.
He has heterochromia iridum, his left eye of a deep warm green, his right the palest and coldest blue. His skin, once pale, is fair now from years abroad, though it still retains a certain pallor. His features are strong and rugged. Nathanial is ambidextrous, though this was not a natural trait. He instead trained himself to achieve this, with his right hand remaining dominant.


Nathanial possesses a short temper, and is easily aggravated when pressed or antagonised. Nathanial nevertheless has a strong moral code. After seeing the wonder of the Empire, Nathanial has developed a strong sense of patriotism, believing in the good that the Empire can achieve, and believes that all the citizens of the Empire are deserving of respect as fellow citizens. However, he retains a certain sense of naivety about the Empire, while fully acknowledging the dangers that the Empire can have. Nathanial is honest and rough in his speech, and has trained himself to read and write, though the latter is somewhat messy. Nathanial is a good shot but a better swordsman, and favours getting in close and personal, earning him the nickname ‘Bloody’ Nate Blake.

Nathanial was born to Lily West, a whore on the streets of London. A big and tough lad, he soon found himself in scuffles with the boys of his age and older. He remained with his mother till her death at the hands of a client. Having watched the man swing on the end of a rope, Nathanial decided to at least see some of the world before he died.

Deciding to make best use of his talents for fighting and physical prowess, Nathanial joined the army at age sixteen. He spent twelve years in Egypt and two in Britain. A quiet man, Nathanial became known for sudden and violent outbursts of temper, along with a sombre and honest nature. He served with distinction, earning the rank of sergeant in his regiment. During his time abroad, he lived with a woman in Cairo, an Egyptian woman called Akilah, with whom he has a daughter. His duties eventually called him away from Egypt and back to Britain, where he has served till the start of the first world war. Nathanial came into his power as the avatar of Sir Kay following his return from service abroad. His strong loyalty, short temper, and combat skills led the King’s foster brother to taking him as his servant. He awakened the power while in a bar fight, defending both the honour of his regiment and the honour of a woman. Because, apparently, that is how Sir Kay rolls these days.

• Earn a commission as an officer.
• Get back to Egypt. He is in regular contact with Akilah but would like to settle down with her.


  • Event: The hanging of the man who murdered his mother.
  • Person: Akilah, his lover
  • Item: A treasure box filled with souvenirs and loot

RAGE STIMULUS: Violence to Children
NOBLE STIMULUS: Valour, Honour, Empire

Nathanial Blake

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