The Lark

The airship constructed for your travels across the globe


The Lark is a reconstruction of Captain Shandy’s ship The Old Sea Dog. He consented to having it disassembled and reassembled into the control decks of an airship, in the name of preserving life in the coming war. The initiative has even been named for the ship, and your designation if it is needed, is Operation Lark

Piloted by Shandy’s daughter, Mary, The Lark is fitted with a number of excellent features.
Firstly, it is a semi-rigid airship, and while it still contains hydrogen gas, that has been contained and protected with a number of spells, and the firm shell helps to prevent any sort of explosion.
Secondly, it has been made an aerial radio centre for the united efforts of the European nations, and their own magical departments will be feeding you information as they get it, including general reports on the movements of the war.


The Lark

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