Goddess of the Hunt, wrathful protector of maidens, and Lady of Ephesus. Artemis commands much respect amongst mortals and gods both, and she demands much of her champions. That they be female may be the least of it, she also takes no small objection to any sign of romance towards a man and if her champion were to ever dare to sleep with a man, they would almost certainly wake up powerless altogether. She is unafraid to punish champions in other ways, but this attitude has gotten her into significant trouble in the past. Her previous champion, Hazel Burns, was a poor choice from the start, and swiftly was struck down by one of Artemis’ diseases, an attempt to strengthen her through adversity. In truth it did little but push her into the clutches of King Lycaon, and she forsook the Cambridge Classical Society altogether and worked for Lycaon as an assassin.

In response, Artemis has attempted to soften a little, and has remained largely quiet amongst the gods, but still Janie “Jamie” Goodfellow will have to tread carefully, and appear strong and independent as possible, in order to avoid her patron’s wrath. But oh, what gifts she gives to those who meet her exacting standards. Implacable, true of aim, soaring to meet every challenge. Those who walk besides Artemis in her sacred groves, and those who excel in the hunt, come to embody Artemis and her vision of strong femininity.


1-30%: As the champion of Artemis the fleet-of-foot, once per day, you may use your god skill in place of General Athletics.
31-50%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Hunter skill in addition to your other powers
51-70%: Three times per week you may transform into a bear, with a successful roll of your god skill. The transformation lasts as many hours as the tens place of the roll. While a bear, you have stats as detailed at the bottom of the page
71-80%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Flying Woman skill in addition to your other powers
81-90%: One shooting skill (e.g. Firearms, Archery, Javelin-Throwing) may be treated as an obsession skill for you. If your only shooting skill is already an obsession, you may agree on a different skill with the GM.
91-99%: If you strike a female with any kind of projectile, you may curse them with the plagues of Artemis. Roll your god skill, and if the result is above their Soul stat, then you may either kill them immediately, or make them develop a terrible disease. If the result is under their Soul stat, then you may still force the disease upon them.

Avatar: The Hunter
1-50%: Declare a living being as a quarry to hunt. You may flip-flop any skill roll used in the pursuit or location of this quarry. You may only have one quarry at a time.
51-70%: Any attempts to deceive you (unless the skill used is higher than your avatar skill), in the pursuit of your quarry, are immediately apparent as deceptions.
71-90%: While pursuing a quarry, make an Avatar: The Hunter, roll each day. If successful, you do not need to eat, sleep or rest for that day. A failure does not cause the exhaustion and hunger to catch up with you, unless it is a critical failure.
91%+: When faced with a decision your quarry has taken, a successful Mind roll lets you know what choice they would have made.

Avatar: The Flying Woman
1-50%: Any failed stress checks based on Self, Helplessnes or Isolation can be flip-flopped if the result is below the avatar skill.
51-70%: At this level, the Flying Woman can actually fly. In addition to any other action, the Flying Woman can move 10 feet per round through the air, or simply hover. A successful roll is needed each round (or every minute outside of combat) to start or continue flying.
71-90%: Any attempt to restrain or imprison the Flying Woman can be overcome with a successful roll against the avatar skill.
91%+: At this level, the will of the flying woman is strong enough to warp reality to her whims. Nine times per day, she may flip-flop any roll, as long as the result is under her avatar skill

Body 90
Struggle 60
General Athletics 60
Resist Pain 30
Hard to Move 25

Speed 55
Dodge 30
Initiative 45
Move quietly 15
Snatch 25

Mind 50
Notice 40
Conceal 25
Track by smell 40

Soul 60
Intimidate 50
Use Body Language 30

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