“You must understand, students, that whilst curiosity may indeed have killed the cat, we must ask ourselves whether it would really have been better, both for himself and his fellow cats, had he lived on in ignorance.”

Professor of philosophy at the University of Heidelberg, Maximilian Kramer guards a secret. He has seen and done things which no other man ever has, though even he would debate whether he truly counts as a man. What he certainly is, is one of the manifestations of the human imagination, and he certainly looks like a man, his heart beats like a man, and he thinks like a man, so is he a man?
He’s posed the question hypothetically to many of his students over the years, and got as many different answers as he got answers of any kind. He minds not one jot though. To him, the highest aim of humanity, and something written deep into their souls, is to discover, to learn more and to grow ever more worldly and more wise. To deny the human drive to experience new things, to refuse the deep, personal curiosity that drive mankind forward, in a terrible thing, and he expects that he should never find Professor Erwin, as his chosen representative, do so. Even the act of taking a champion is new to Faust, another of his experiments, his attempts at discovery.
After all, it was his desire to know more that led Faust to make his infamous pact with the demon Mephistopheles.


1-30%: You may use your god skill as an Alchemy skill, allowing you to create potions and poisons.
31-50%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Scholar skill in addition to your other powers
51-70%: Faust’s ability to call upon spirits and traffick with demons is now yours. With a successful roll against your god skill, you can summon a demon and bargain with it. The demon cannot harm you, unless that is a part of your deal, and if you fail to reach an agreement, you can dismiss it with no issue. You may ask for anything, but the demon will always require payment before they fulfil their side of the bargain. Once you have agreed upon the deal, both sides are bound to abide by it in all particulars. Similarly, you may call upon the spirits of the dead and the mythical, provided you are immediately in the presence of a place of some significance to the spirit you wish to contact. A temple, burial place, birth place, or even a dead body would all work, for example. Spirits tend to have only information to offer, but they are more free with it, though they are not bound to answer you if they do not wish to.
71-80%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Doomed Man skill in addition to your other powers
81-90%: Though most of his power as a sorcerer came from his demonic pact, Faust has some personal command of magic. You can now use your god skill to produce minor magical effects, like an adept casting random magic. Your skill takes a -5 penalty for each charge required after the first.
91-99%: You may tap into Faust’s “Eternal Moment”. Three times per week, by making a successful check against your god skill, you may make the entire rest of the world freeze in time for a number of minutes equal to the tens place of your roll. If done in combat, however, it instead works for that number of turns, allowing you to make that many standard actions. While time is stopped for the rest of the world, you can interact with it, including moving things, but you cannot cause any sort of damage. You may, however, set events into motion so that when time is restarted, the damage is inevitable.

Avatar The Scholar
1-50%: You can flip-flop any roll related to academic knowledge, so long as the result is lower than your Avatar skill. This only applies to rolls about knowing something. Any task which applies that knowledge practically cannot be flip-flopped. So while you may be able to use this channel to know that the patient’s symptoms point towards an inflamed appendix, it is unable to affect the process of actually doing anything about it.
51-70%: With a successful Avatar: The Scholar roll, you may remember anything you have ever read. You cannot use this to remember people or places you have seen, nor to remember hearing rumours, but if something is written down, then you can remember and quote it perfectly no matter how long it has been since reading it.
71-90%: With a successful Avatar roll, you can read any language ever written. This only applies to the written word, and only allows you to understand it, but it also applies to codes and ciphers. Any written communication between two human beings can be immediately understood.
91+ %: This is an extension of the previous channel, but now you are also able to determine the feeling, intent, and meaning in any text. With a successful Avatar check, you will know the person who wrote the text, and understand what kind of person they are and why they wrote this. This also allows for correlation of details. You can realise the links between any remembered piece of information with any other that you have already memorised, by rolling successfully against your skill.

Avatar: The Doomed Man
1-50%: The Doomed Man will do anything in his last days. You may ignore any Self check with a rank lower than the tens place of your Avatar skill
51-70%: The spectre of death hovers closely about The Doomed Man, and it has become familiar. With a successful roll against Avatar: The Doomed Man, you may determine how close a person is to death. This could mean learning an exact hit point score, identifiying how old a person is, whether they are diseased, or if they are an avatar of the Doomed Man
71-90%: At the end, all of the Doomed Man’s drives are stronger than ever. At this level, whenever a Doomed Man uses one of their passions, roll against their Avatar skill, and if successful, they may still activate the passion as if it were unused.
91+ %: Pain means nothing to the walking corpse that the Doomed Man has become by this point. Not physical pain, not emotional, not mental. No matter what damage is taken, including failed stress checks, the Doomed Man may act without penalty, until the moment of death or insanity.


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