The great Bifrost Bridge which connects the worlds of the Aesir, and the world of Midgard, requires a constant vigil, as the many jotunn who envy the gods, would try to use it to enter Asgard and wreak bloody mischief. Even more chilling, it is destined that this bridge shall see the hordes of Ragnarok make their deathly march on Asgard. The god Heimdall provides the necessary vigil. His world for centuries upon centuries, has been the Bifrost, his mighty fort at its gates, and his duty. This is the quality he demands of his champions above all, an unwavering devotion to duty and a steadfast refusal to turn from their appointed task, nor to achieve it through underhanded means. He saw these qualities most strongly in Bjørn Järvinen‘s final stand, but this coming war will test his champion’s mettle to the breaking point.

Ever steadfast, Heimdall has changed little over the years, still stoic, still honour-bound, still watchful and still at his post at the Bifrost. Even during the Næstenragnarok, he was fighting the rear guard of Lycaon’s forces single-handedly, even as their trickery and exploitations let many others slip past. The incident was unnerving for a time, but he has come to accept that with the path of destiny so thoroughly broken, there was nothing he could have done. Still, he feels the occasional need to make amends for the leaks, even though his reputation amongst the other gods remains impeccable.


1-30%: At the end of each day, roll your god skill. If successful, you do not need to sleep that day.
31-50%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Guardian skill in addition to your other powers. You may also change your protected person or place at will, but doing so without having prevented any imminent potential harm, it may incur taboo.
51-70%: Your range of accurate vision is extended to as many miles as the tens value of your god skill. However, your focal length remains as it was before. Also, mundane impairments, such as darkness and background noise, now do not hinder notice checks.
71-80%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Messenger skill in addition to your other powers
81-90%: Heimdall will not abandon his post when the time comes. If anything would physically force you to leave the place or person you are defending, you may resist or overcome it by rolling against your god skill.
91-99%: Heimdall is the one barrier between the gods and ragnarok. Enemies do not pass him without besting him. Once per day, with a successful roll of your god skill, you may create a chokepoint anywhere. All enemies will naturally gravitate towards you, regardless of other potential passages. This effect lasts a number of hours equal to the tens result of the dice roll.

Avatar The Guardian
1-50%: You cannot stop what you don’t know is there. With a successful Soul roll, you can detect the presence of potential threats to your protectorate in the immediate area. Rolling under your avatar skill will give higher quality information on the threats present.
51-70%: The Guardian does not need to take stress checks which come as a result of protecting their charge.
71-90%: When the Guardian’s protectorate takes harm, the guardian may instead choose to take the damage instead retroactively.
91+ %: The Guardian is a superhuman protector, capable of dealing and taking absurd harm in the line of fire. While in the presence of their charge, the guardian treats all damage as hand to hand damage.

Avatar: The Messenger
1-50%: If the Messenger makes a true statement about something that is important to the listeners, they must pay attention to it. With a successful Avatar check, the listener must acknowledge it as truth, or else face a rank 6 Self check.
51-70%: With a successful Avatar check, any passive, inanimate obstacles between the Messenger and the recipient of a message, are immediately removed.
71-90%: With a successful Avatar check, The Messenger can learn an important fact about a person, place, or thing. You must be in the presence of the person, place, or thing, and it cannot be used for trivialities.
91+ %: If you know an important event if happening, you can immediately appear in the area

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