The Asgardian trickster god and adversary all at once. As an agent of chaos, a bringer of change for the better and the worse, Loki occupies a precarious position. He is not quite looked upon as a malicious being, but definitely not accepted by the rest of the gods quite so firmly. His champions therefore do not get either the unambiguously helpful powers bestowed by other gods, but nor do they have to suffer the worst parts of darker pacts.
He still has demands of his champions though. His first commandment is “Be interesting”. He has no time for the boring and the passive, and will not lend his power to those that waste it. As his chosen for the Ragnarokingen, Lovi Malikdotter will have to be aware for any opportunity, or, even better, make opportunities of her own.

Loki himself is a little more easy-going as of late. He’s less concerned with bringing about Ragnarok, though it occasionally occurs to him that his destiny ultimately leads that way in any case. He’s been able to win a little extra respect since fighting on the side of the Aesir in the Næstenragnarok in 1882. Since then, he mostly spends his time creating little spots of trouble for amusement. To him the human creature is too fascinating to destroy willingly. No matter what joke he tells, they always come up with a different punchline.


1-30%: Bad luck follows Loki around like a bad smell. However, it goes both ways. You may choose to cast the Entropomancy spell “Taste of Chaos” by making a successful roll against your god skill. However, when you do, the GM gets to visit the effects back on you at an indeterminate point in the future. The GM can also do this retroactively to make an apparent success a failure.
31-50%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Trickster skill in addition to your other powers
51-70%: You now have some control over fire. You can direct, create and amplify a fire, by using your god skill, but you cannot extinguish it in the same way.
71-80%: You may now use your god skill as an Avatar: The Two-Faced Man skill in addition to your other powers
81-90%: Loki’s Spycraft is second to none. If you have seen a person and know their name, then by making a successful check against your god skill, you may close your eyes, speak that name, and then see as though you were looking through their eyes. You have no control whatsoever over the person, but you may see and hear all that they see and hear. However, if your roll is below their Soul stat, they will get flashes and vague understandings of your surroundings and possibly even some of your knowledge as well. Whether this will mean anything to them however, is a different question.
91-99%: As the father of Hel and leader of her legions in Ragnarok, Loki commands great respect amongst the monstrous and the dishonoured dead. With a successful check of your god skill above your target’s Mind, you may communicate with, and command any archetypically monstrous or evil creature (whether mundane or magical) or any dead creature that died without honour. For every creature under your thrall in this manner, your god skill reduces by 10, until such time as they are released.

Avatar: The Trickster
1-50%: The Trickster is likeable, and if a person’s Soul score is lower than the Trickster’s skill, they will generally find it hard to respond negatively to them. Small tricks and inconveniences no longer matter to the target, and they can still be convinced of various things, even if they have been tricked in more egregious ways. This channel only works while the Trickster is still present, and as soon as he leaves, the target will revert back to their normal opinions
51-70%: With a successful roll against their Avatar skill, the Trickster can tell a perfect lie. No mater how outlandish, for as long as it is not demonstrably proven false, a target will believe anything that the Trickster tells them. Depending on the lie, it could only take a few seconds of clear thinking to disprove the lie, but carefully chosen ones could last a lifetime.
71-90%: The Trickster’s manipulative powers are formidable, and at this level any skill used to deceive a person in any way can be flip-flopped as long as the result is below the Avatar skill
91%+: This channel allows the Trickster to perfectly disguise themselves with the simplest materials. Even the crudest possible imitation looks perfect to any observer, and even magic cannot allow someone to see through the disguise.

Avatar: The Two-Faced Man
1-50%: With a successful roll against their Avatar skill, the Two-Faced Man may blend in with any kind of social group other than their native one. They will seem to conform with the expected standards of that group, but blatantly inappropriate actions may break the illusion. Furthermore, this channel cannot be deactivated, it can only be switched for other disguises.
51-70%: At this level, the Two-Faced Man can fool people verbally into believing they fit better into their disguise than they normally could. With a successful roll, any meaningless bluster they throw out to blend in, seems to be reasonable and pertinent.
71-90%: Any suspicious action taken by the Two-Faced Man can be easily explained away. As long as the given explanation takes into account the disguise, and plays into general expectations of the disguise, a successful roll will convince the listener entirely.
91%+: On a successful roll, the Two-Faced Man may convince a person of the truth of any rumour, suggestion or outright lie, provided it there is no contradictory evidence to hand, and the suggestion isn’t obviously self-destructive.

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