WW1 Research Resources

Here are just a few useful things which you can use to look up facts about the 1st world war and the surrounding period

With this one, I recommend not going too far into the main series, since I may use many of the things mentioned as plot points, and it might spoil the surprise. Of course, if you think you’ll still enjoy the game anyway, then feel free, it’s a great series, and really informative! Mostly though, I recommend the various videos which elaborate on elements of the war like certain famous figures or important technologies.
The Great War Channel

This is a four-part video series on the background and lead-in to WW1. I cannot recommend it enough, it tells the story beautifully.

This is a slightly eclectic mix of approaches to WW1 as a whole, all done by John Green

The obligatory Wikipedia link
World War 1

WW1 Research Resources

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