The Last Hurrah

Mythologie Sans Frontieres

Act 1 Scene 1 - 22nd August 1914

The party has received their first mission without support. Responding to the rumors of a fight between mythological figures from both Germany and France, Operation Lark set down just outside of the Belgian town of Rossignol. There they met with the fox Reynard, and made their way to the site of battle. With two mortal armies approaching each other, La Bete, Chanticleer and Roland faced off against Siegfried, two dwarves and a wizard. The argument grew more and more heated, until a fight broke out, and despite that party’s repeated attempts at peacemaking, Roland and Siegfried would not back down. Not until they came across the slaughter that was the battlefield. With an unbroken carpet of dead soldiers massacred, seemingly without effort, both warriors stopped their struggle, and Siegfried seems to have given up on fighting completely, throwing his sword away.
The war seems to promise less adventure than before. Perhaps it will turn around, and still be done by christmas, but if the rate of death stays like this, that may not be a good thing.

Bjørn Järvinen

Harriet Hale

Lovi Malikdotter

The satisfaction of almost convincing Demi Gods that the plank that Loki had bestowed upon her had truth telling properties was not as overshadowed by the interruptions of the professor as she let on. Whether or not Loki had indeed given her an artifact or a piece of wood did not matter. It was all in the presentation. If she could impress people like this, imagine what she could do on mere mortals.

Luckily she was too deep in thought from this that she missed the horror of the aftermath of the battle below, barely believing it when later on her crewmates told her what she had missed.

Professor Erwin Schönhausen-Shloka

The confessory mirror is dark. Schloka sits on the floor of the cabin, back against the bed, staring at a tiny Ouija board, whose letters spell out the words ‘Lovi Malikdotter’.

‘Interesting use of what is a Diät, diety, God.’

He sits in quietly without moving for some time.

‘Using without malice that which is unearned. A lesson for the aristocrats.’

The letters move on their own accord, vibrating crazily against the grain, chattering like skeletal teeth. They spell the words ’toilet break?.

He sits in quietly without moving for some time.


Professor Erwin Schönhausen-Shloka sits hunched on the blimp’s toilet, tufts of his hair and pale face refracted and reflected around the numerous surface’s of the lavatory’s decorative bronze. From the sink a gurgling voice babbles a name, as if from a larynx slowly filling with blood. Bjørn Järvinen.

‘Reflexes were right. Barbarity breeds barbarity until no one can read, no one can write in the sands and ashes that remain. Hopefully he is the last to have to attack this German renaissance of savagery. Siegfried! A fitting symbol of the law’s recourse to violence, pellets in his venerated face.’

This continues for some time. He passes brief reflections of each of the others in turn, before leaving the toilet to return to his temporary lodgings, where the Ouija tiles are dancing merrily on the floor, spelling various German obscenities. A sharp cough sends them flat on their backs.

‘War then – the worst of each race’s national values laid bare. What are we to assume agency of this purging, precisely? I mean linguistically also. It is indeed something that the communists have not yet succeeded in their constructed society upon Russia – this must not happen while conflict is still so ominous.’

Nathanial Blake

It has been a hard day. Not physically, but spiritually. While i would have desired to go down and aid the others, but my fears and unease aboard ship prevented me from leaving. My room needs a good airing. Thank God for the Servants and the bucket they brought.
But i did look out the window. I have seen war, and have seen the charnel house the battlefield becomes after the fight ends. But i have never seen the carnage, the rank slaughter, the like of which I saw today. The generals are wrong.
We will be lucky if it ends before 1920.



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