Lovi Malikdotter

Chosen of Loki




Being Involved


People Left Behind


Nowhere to Belong (Isolation)




Body: 55

General Athletics: 46
Struggle: 15
Marathon Running: 20

Speed: 45

Dodge: 15
Squirrelly Reflexes: 35
Initiative: 35

Mind: 65

General Education: 20
Notice: 35
Conceal: 35
Chemistry: 40

Soul: 75

Charm: 50
Lying: 50

Obsession Skill

Chosen of Loki: 65 (Current Cap: 65)

Madness Notches


Hardened: 1
Failed: 1


Hardened: 2
Failed: 1


Hardened: 0
Failed: 1


Hardened: 2
Failed: 1


Hardened: 2
Failed: 1


Lovi Malikdotter grew up in Trondheim, Norway and grew up a Lutheran Christian. She found from a very young age that if she acted correctly she could get accepted into any group with ease.
Once she grew up she realised that she could apply these skills in business, and by getting herself hired into a company, usually as a secretary, she could get retrieve any company information that she wanted, and started trying to sell this information on to make herself some cash. Due to the attitudes towards women at the time she always worked by being the ‘pretty face’ for these business deals and faked having a man in charge of her operation.

After a while of this and a few too many close calls, she realised that nothing she was doing was making the world a better place, instead creating strife. She then decided to instead work on worming her way into extremist groups and gangs and exposing their dealings anonymously to the authorities, as well as tricking them into ‘donating’ some of their ill gotten gains to charities. During this time some of the groups she infiltrated turned out to be attempting occult rituals. Of course she knew these would never work, but as they were an attempt at evil she decided to burn the sites they had been attempted at under cover of night. It was through this that she discovered the joy that creating fires brought to her, though she buried this desire deep within herself as she believed it was wicked.

A day not too long ago she was approached by a large, red skinned man wreathed in flames and cackling. Who else could this be but none other than the Devil himself? This caused her to panic until the Devil burst into laughter and revealed himself to be none other than Loki. He then introduced himself properly to her and explained the true nature of the world. Lovi was still wary of him at this point, but took him up on his offer to meet the other Gods and their chosen out of pure curiosity. After witnessing the gods firsthand this caused her truly trust the words of Loki, but the difference between her belief and reality would create a schism in her that would take months to heal.
When Loki offered her the position of his champion on Midgard she readily accepted, the suppressed desires within her overpowering her hesitation. Here was something she could truly realise her potential with. Here was something she could make a difference with…

Important Person: Lovi’s grandmother was the one to teach her the ways to fit in and wrap men around her finger.

Important Item: Whilst she was exiting one of her most recent infiltrations she procured a statue of Bast, which she now lovingly keeps in a special place in her house. Unbeknownst to her this was uncovered by Harriet Hale on a dig in Egypt.

Important Event: Lovi’s last ever business deal ended up causing great harm to her sister, which led to her moving on to taking down criminals rather than exposing business secrets.

Item from Loki: The Plank of Power. A wooden plank with two eye holes in it.

Lovi Malikdotter

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